SuSolid  3D PRINTING for SketchUp
  1. ANALYSE your entire model with 1 click
  2. SOLIDIFY your entire model with few clicks (tools 2-9)
  3. Check your entire model for SOLIDS INTERSECTION
  4. ASSIGN MATERIAL to your Solids (iron ,water,wood...)
  5. WEIGH your entire model

current version 2.2 (April 2014)


Free limited version
(Analyse tool and Delete Single Edges  tool)

Purchase Full version  22 EUR
For Windows and Mac
SketchUp 8,2013,2014 or 2015 required
Free Updates for 1 Sketchup version
SketchUp pro for Intersection tool

SuSolid is an extension for SketchUp that can help you prepare the model for 3D Printing.

It is divided in 4 sections :
1. Solid Check section that shows you all the causes that makes your model a non solid.
2. Solid Repair section that helps you to repair your model and makes it solid.
3. Solid Intersection Check section that shows you all the intersection between solids.
4. Solid Weight section that shows you the weight of  the model and every singe component.

On the video you can see how quick you can make this model to be composed by 29 solid entities.
Just try to do it manually and you will see how much time the SuSolid plugin can save you.
You don't need to inspect the mistakes closely, just follow the edge colors and select the appropriate tool for that mistake.
Mostly the best  tool selection order is like on the mistakes counter (orange,red,green,yellow).
Next,you can find the intersection mistakes,that can be very expensive if you are designing for production.
And finally you can predict the weight of the product in the designing stage.