SuSolid  3D PRINTING for SketchUp
  1. ANALYSE your entire model with 1 click
  2. SOLIDIFY your entire model with few clicks (tools 2-9)
  3. Check your entire model for SOLIDS INTERSECTION
  4. ASSIGN MATERIAL to your Solids (iron ,water,wood...)
  5. WEIGH your entire model

current version 2.2 (April 2014)


Free limited version
(Analyse tool and Delete Single Edges  tool)

Purchase Full version  22 EUR
For Windows and Mac
SketchUp 8,2013,2014 or 2015 required
Free Updates for 1 Sketchup version, 11 EUR Lifetime Updates
SketchUp pro for Intersection tool

In Setting you can:

- "Add Solid Material" and their densities

-"Delete Material from the List"

-"Hide Solids" very useful tool to hide solids, so non-solid entities are more visible and easier to inspect and fix

-"Hide Non Intersecting Solids" very useful tool to hide solids that not intersect to other solids, so intersecting solids are more visible and easier to inspect and fix

-"Analyse Filter" for filtering the inspecting colors in Analise tool. Useful when we want to ignore some inspections like coplanar or distorted faces that are not influencing the model solidity.

-"Buttons Select" for filtering out some buttons from the toolbar that we don't use.For example if we don't need the weight part of plugin,we delete the Balance,Assign Weight and Assign Solid Material buttons.So the SuSolid toolbar will be more compact. 

-"Language" Currently available languages are EnglishItalian ,French ,Spanish and Chinese.