SuSolid  3D PRINTING for SketchUp
  1. ANALYSE your entire model with 1 click
  2. SOLIDIFY your entire model with few clicks (tools 2-9)
  3. Check your entire model for SOLIDS INTERSECTION
  4. ASSIGN MATERIAL to your Solids (iron ,water,wood...)
  5. WEIGH your entire model

current version 2.2 (April 2014)


Free limited version
(Analyse tool and Delete Single Edges  tool)

Purchase Full version  22 EUR
For Windows and Mac
SketchUp 8,2013,2014 or 2015 required
Free Updates for 1 Sketchup version, 11 EUR Lifetime Updates
SketchUp pro for Intersection tool
How to install the SuSolid plugin?
From SketchUp menu select Window/Preferences/Extensions/Install Extension... (button)
I have paid for the full version,where is my download?
There is no download.When the confirmation from Paypal service arrive,the full version will be automatically
sent to the mail specified in your Paypal account.Usually it takes 10 min for this procedure.
Please check spam folder if you not receive an email in 10 min.
I have a really messed up model that I can not resolve with SuSolid plugin.What can I do?
Don't give up jet.There are some tips and tricks to try:
- if your model is in mm ,scale your model 1:1000 with Measure Tape Tool.So 1mm is now 1m.
- explode you component and make it a component again
- select all faces and intersect it with selection
Then you check with Analyse tool and if something changed,you have better chances to fix the model.